About Me


Why make cards?

Honestly, I just kinda fell into this. I was taking a break from my corporate job and a friend asked, "do you want to come to my card party? There will be wine". So, naturally, I said yes. By the end of the evening, I had made my first hand-made card and I was hooked. I love having a creative outlet that contrasts with the hours I spend in my "greige" cubicle at "work". I also love the social aspect of meeting new people and trying new techniques. I have met some wonderful women through this hobby and, when a customer suggested I start a website, it was the next logical step.

Why my cards?

It is so easy to pop into a mainstream card store or even your local drug store and pick up a card on your way to an event. If you're like me, you can pore through the selection, discarding first one card and then another as either boring or not appropriate. Instead, why not look ahead through the year and see if you have a wedding or birthday or anniversary coming up for someone special and contact me about creating a custom card for that special person?

About My Cards

I use primarily Stampin Up products as they are great quality and I love the coordinating colours of ink, paper and accessories. The stamps themselves are great quality. Using these materials, I can assure you that you will receive a long-lasting, high quality card. Occasionally, I will use supplies from other manufacturers. These will not affect the quality of your card.

balloons. hooray

Hooray! It's your birthday!

For the friend who got me stampin.

Made with Stampin Up paper, stamps, twine, ink and embossing powder.

turtles and bicyle. enjoy the adventure ahead

Enjoy the adventure ahead

Moving to a new city for a new job

Made with retired Stampin Up product for a brave friend.

elephant and mouse

Always There For Me

To say thanks for dog sitting

Made with current (at the time) Stampin Up product for a client.

Next Steps...

Please contact me if you need a unique, hand-made card.