birthday greetings

Single cards

Single cards, made specifically for a recipient, for any occasion. Please contact me a week in advance to allow sufficient time for creative design, production and delivery.

for you

Assorted box

A box of assorted cards for a variety of occasions. You can choose the sentiments and the number of cards depends on your budget. Great for the organized card writer, or as a gift. Minimum two weeks production and delivery time is required.

blank with pearls

Blank cards

Blank cards. I create the art based on your requirements. You write... anything you like. Please contact me ahead of time. Blank cards are more challenging to create.


I never make the same card twice.

Customers often ask me why I never make the same card twice. There are two reasons.

First and foremost, no two people are the same. No two occasions are the same. No two cards should be the same.

Second, it is virtually impossible to make the same hand-made creation twice. Colourways, materials, even my hand-eye coordination vary from one day to the next.

If you see something you love, I can make a similar card as long as I still have those materials.

Why hand made?

If you're like me, you value hand-made. Not all things hand-made. I don't want a hand-made TV or streetcar, for example. There is world-wide demand for certain products. Some products require certification, quality control, sterile environments. The reasons for mass production are perfectly valid.

But there is value in hand-made when it comes to some things. Why is that? What are these values?

When I make something, I take pride in my work. I take the time to create something beautiful. Something you will value also. And, by extension, the person to whom you will eventually give it.

There is no duplication in hand-made. Look closely, and you will see flaws. A piece of tape may have been cut slightly off the level. I may have coloured outside the lines or missed a speck of embossing powder. These flaws are all part of the charm of hand-made. It also means no-one will ever get the card you request I create for your special occasion.



pointer with plaid. thinking of you

Next Steps...

Please contact me if you need a unique, hand-made card.